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Oak Park School District 97/Schoolyards, Oak Park, IL

In today’s world, the needs of communities are increasing while budgetary constraints tighten and regulatory challenges increase. Municipalities face trying times and could use some assistance. That’s where Manhard Consulting comes in.

Whether we’re designing flood controls for a major tributary, replacing 50-year-old water pipes, planning a community water park or widening roads to alleviate congestion, the engineering teams at Manhard Consulting never lose sight of the fact that the public comes first in public works. Our teams focus on the needs of the community, placing equal emphasis on operational as well as quality-of-life goals. So schedules, budgets and safety issues receive the same rigorous attention to detail as usability, capacity and functionality issues.

We make it our job to ensure that the public is well served by public works facilities, and that community infrastructure is designed to meet current and future needs.


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