Surveying & Geospatial Services

Overman Railroad Track Embankment Repairs, Gold Hill, NV

Overman Railroad Track Embankment Repairs, Gold Hill, NV

Good Data, Great Results

Accurate surveying is the cornerstone of much of our work at Manhard Consulting. Our surveying specialists use the latest technologies in the collection, integration and management of data specific to a site. With good baseline data, our teams are able to view, understand, question, interpret and visualize data in various ways.

With the data collected and shared with our in-house teams, we can assist you in visualizing change, understanding obstacles and managing conditions for the success of your projects.  Our surveying and geospatial teams have been helping clients solve problems and put a solid foundation under their projects for decades.




Available Services
Boundary and ALTA Surveys
Topographical Surveys
Utility Surveys
Wetland Location Surveys
Water Resources Surveys
Centerline Surveys
Right of Way Surveys
Route Surveys
Land Acquisition Surveys
Oil and Gas Facility Surveys
Well Site Surveys
Land Development Surveys
Property Research
Subdivision Plats
Easement Documents
Dedication Plats
Construction Staking
Building/Column Layouts
Well Pad Staking
Pipeline Staking
As-Built Surveys
Record Drawings
Data Collection
Data Integration
Spatial Analysis
Site Analysis
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Contour Mapping
3D Visualization
Tree Inventory
Infrastructure Inventory
Data Sharing
Aerial Imagery
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles(UAV)
High Definition 3D Scanning
Global Navigational Satellite System(GNNS)
Robotic Total Stations
AutoCAD/Civil 3D
Bentley Microstation