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we are always learning

At Manhard Consulting, we believe that there is always more to learn!  We feel that it is important to foster an environment that promotes personal and professional growth.

Manhard University allows you to create your own path for learning.  Choose what is meaningful to you from hundreds of course options.


Lessons Learned While WFH

Ariel - Project Engineer

  • Daily office huddles are extremely helpful.  They are useful for discussing goals and workloads.
  • Take a break for lunch and return recharged.
  • Re-organize to limit clutter.

Joe - Project Manager

  • Separate work and home responsibilities by selecting a dedicated work zone.
  • Listen to those who have extensive WFH experience…in this case my wife!

Spencer - Civil Designer

  • Communicate more with your team and managers to ensure everyone is working towards the same goals.
  • Collect and ask questions once a day to be more efficient.

Amanda - Staff Surveyor

  • Maintain a daily schedule that includes lunch and breaks.
  • Discuss workload with manager at the beginning of every week.
  • Communicate with your team at the beginning and end of each day.

Brendan - Project Engineer

  • Continue the same morning routine as if you are going to the office.  That includes getting dressed, walking to the front door, turning around and “arriving” at your desk.
  • Establish start and end practices and times.

Meghan - HR Associate

  • Combat solitude by having a video chat once a week.
  • Set reminders to take a break, whether that be a walk outside with the dog or some indoor exercise.
  • Working from home is definitely an adjustment so it’s important to separate work space from home space to feel more balanced.

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