Going Places

Designing and constructing safe and efficient transportation systems is a prerequisite to meet the needs of any growing population.  Wherever traffic converges — whether urban, suburban or rural, from freeways to railways, roundabouts to walkways, bike lanes to multi-use paths — solutions from Manhard Consulting are at work, moving people and products quickly, safely and efficiently, with minimum impact to neighboring properties. Our forward-looking engineering teams take a macro and micro view and provide the clear, accurate and concise plans demanded by reviewing agencies. The result is a detailed transportation system design that solves congestion problems, alleviates the limitations of outdated transportation systems, accommodates future population growth and adds to the community.

Featured Projects

Carson City Linear Bike Paths

Carson City, Nevada

CN Railway Intermodal Logistics Park Master Plan

Harvey, Illinois

Savannah Tract – Intermodal Logistics Park

Jasper County, South Carlona

Market Leaders

Frances Fazio, PE

VP-Operations Manager, Lincolnshire
Professional Registrations
Registered Professional Engineer, State of Illinois #062-46202
Registered Professional Engineer, State of Wisconsin #29737
University of Illinois, Bachelor of Science/Civil Engineering, 1986