Clean, Green Alternatives

Hoffman Estates Fire Protection District-Station 24, Hoffman Estates, IL LEED Gold Certified Building
Hoffman Estates Fire Protection District-Station 24, Hoffman Estates, IL
LEED Gold Certified Building

New challenges call for new thinking. At Manhard Consulting, sustainability means providing design solutions for our private and public entities that encompass an ecological, economic, and social benefit for the built environment. Our current infrastructure and construction activities will impact future generations and collaboration between disciplines provides the best outcome. Our goal is to propose the best use of our resources while maximizing efficiencies in design, management and operation.

Our LEED accredited professionals can guide you through the LEED certification process, and ensure that your projects meet the performance standards of the LEED rating system.
Our experienced staff keeps pace with the latest innovations in alternative energy — wind energy, bio-energy, solar, hydropower, geo-thermal and more — and brings new ideas for site layout, project management and distribution to your project.

We’ll help you see the possibilities and understand the tradeoffs, so you make informed decisions as you move toward a sustainable, clean-energy future.

Available Services

Sustainable Governance & Community Outreach

  • Intergovernmental Service Redundancy Reduction Agreements
  • Municipal Sustainable Revenue Reviews & Alternatives
  • Educational Workshop Facilitation
  • Technical Support & “Go To” Resource Personnel

Community Planning & Design

  • LEED Neighborhood Development (ND) Design
  • Multimodal Transportation Planning
  • Transit Oriented Development Plans & Design Guidelines
  • Mixed Use & Neo-Traditional Planning & Zoning Ordinances
  • Alternative/Shared Parking Plans
  • Sustainable Municipal Growth Development Planning & Programs
  • Building Conservation Governmental Programs
  • Alternative Energy Development Ordinances (Wind, Solar, etc.)

Landscape Architecture

  • Native/Sustainable Landscape Ordinances & Design
  • Tree Preservation Ordinances
  • Sustainable Irrigation System Design
  • Community Garden Planning & Design
  • Xeric Landscape Design
  • Raw Water Landscape irrigation Design (water re-use)
  • Drip Irrigation Design (sub-surface irrigation)

Eco-System Management

  • Prairie Restoration and Management
  • Endangered Species Consultation
  • Flora and Fauna Surveys
  • Water Quality Sampling and Monitoring

Stormwater Management

  • Best Management Practices Stormwater Ordinances, Planning, and Design
  • Bioswale Design & Installation
  • Rain Garden Design & Development
  • Aquifer Characterization/Water Supply Studies
  • Wetland Delineations
  • Wetland Creation, Enhancement and Restoration
  • USACE Nationwide and Individual Permitting
  • Wetland Mitigation Plans and Monitoring
  • Solar Aerator Specification & Evaluations

Renewable Energy (Bio, Wind, Solar, Hydropower, Geo-Thermal)

  • Route Surveys
  • Easement Preparation
  • Investigation and Due Dilegence Reports
  • Preliminary & Final Engineering Design
  • Erosion Control
  • Project Entitlement Services
  • Construction & Project Management

Civil Engineering

  • LEED Project Coordination & Documentation
  • Comprehensive Site Design Sustainable Solutions
  • Sustainable Infrastructure Audits & Capital Improvement Plans
  • Sustainable Subdivision Ordinances
  • Complete Street Design
  • Bicycle Lane/Path Design
  • Permeable & Alternative Paving Design
  • Solar Powered Street Lighting Specification
  • Trenchless Technology
  • CMAQ Grant Support
  • NEPA Documentation