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Cutting-Edge LIDAR Scan Enhances Energy Terminal Development in McFarland, Wisconsin

McFarland, Wisconsin – In a forward-looking move aimed at optimizing operations and infrastructure, U.S. Energy, a leading energy solutions provider, has partnered with Manhard Consulting’s surveying team to conduct a comprehensive LIDAR scan of its Madison South terminal in McFarland, Wisconsin. This innovative approach promises to revolutionize the facility’s maintenance and expansion strategies.

Manhard Consulting’s involvement underscores the growing trend in leveraging advanced technology to drive efficiency and precision in industrial settings. The utilization of Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) technology enables a detailed, three-dimensional assessment of the terminal’s interior and exterior structures. This method yields invaluable data crucial for both routine maintenance and ambitious construction projects.

The decision to enlist the services of Manhard Consulting was motivated by the firm’s reputation for employing state-of-the-art tools, including the Trimble x7l LIDAR scanner. This cutting-edge equipment captures highly detailed 3D point cloud images, offering a granular view of complex structures like diesel storage tanks within the terminal.

To learn more about Manhard Consulting’s surveying capabilities and the transformative potential of LIDAR technology in industrial applications, visit This collaboration between U.S. Energy and Manhard Consulting sets a new standard for leveraging cutting-edge tools to drive progress and efficiency in the energy sector.