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Manhard Stays Ahead of the Curve with SiteOps

Vernon Hills, IL – Manhard Consulting continues to search for the best, most cost-efficient ways to provide services to our clients.  One of our approaches includes the use of Bentley Systems’ SiteOps software.

SITEOPS is a powerful differentiator for site design and land development firms that seek to optimize site designs that include:

  • 3D terrain models putting all planned infrastructure into positional context
  • Layout of buildings, parking lots and access routes, utilities, and more.
  • Grading and drainage plans
  • Detailed cost estimates

To use SITEOPS, engineers upload a digital terrain model of the proposed site and enter design requirements such as building footprints, parking requirements, setbacks, roadway parameters and other constraints. SITEOPS weighs hundreds of thousands of options, and provides the most cost-effective grading and stormwater drainage plan that meets the specified design constraints. The number of possibilities considered, and therefore the most effective solution, would simply not be possible through the use of manual design alternative methodologies. Work that may have taken days previously can now be completed in a few hours.