manhard rural properties

Partners in Land Stewardship

Your land is one of your most valuable assets. With increasing regulations and enforcement surrounding land use and water rights, it can be difficult to understand how to bring your property into compliance. The team at Manhard Consulting can provide development and permitting services to rural agricultural, residential and commercial projects that will assist in bringing regulatory certainty to your land use and give you peace of mind.

From California to the midwest, our industry-leading project managers, engineers and specialists will work with you to find real-world, sustainable solutions that meet or exceed your unique business and operational objectives.


Available Services

Property Assessment
Planning, Zoning and Land Use Assistance
Water Rights Assistance
Permit Violation Resolution
Retro-Active Permit Processing
Permitting Assistance, Including
Boundary, ALTA and Topographical Surveys
Environmental Compliance Assistance
Earthwork, Site Grading and Erosion Control
Water Storage Design and Permitting
Building and Facility Design
Structural Engineering
Construction Management


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