Manhard Consulting was retained by Sam Yager, Inc. to provide civil engineering and surveying services for the Audubon Development. Audubon is a master-planned community of approximately 2,700 acres in the Magnolia area. At build-out, the development is projected to have 3,700 single family homes, 2,600 multi-family units, and 475 acres of mixed use. The project also consists of three municipal utility districts, a water control and improvement district, and a management district.

The development is bisected by two major thoroughfares, Farm-to-Market 1488 and the extension of State Highway 249 (currently under construction). Manhard worked with the developer to evaluate and negotiate a strategic access plan, including on/off ramps, feeder road extensions and master driveway plans, along both the proposed State Highway 249 and the existing FM 1488 corridors.

During negotiation with TXDOT for right-of-way dedication, Manhard assisted the developer in identifying several on-site excavation areas to produce borrow for the highway contractor. Manhard ultimately identified borrow areas that were convenient for the highway contractor and beneficial to future development plans. This arrangement provided increased value to the right-of-way exchange deal, allowing Audubon to secure additional feeder road construction at no cost to the developer.

Manhard was also involved in the orchestration of a 381 Agreement, including the production of cost estimates to support the commitment of $72 million in contributions by the county for public infrastructure improvements in and around the Audubon Development.

Audubon sits along Mill Creek and several of its tributaries in the Spring Creek Watershed. In the midst of increasing drainage regulations post-Hurricane Harvey, the Manhard team facilitated drainage analyses to optimize developable area, minimize mitigation needs and maintain the vision for preservation of natural features along the development’s drainage corridors.