Manhard Consulting was retained to provide complete civil engineering and surveying services for this 1.8-acre site featuring a 128,000 square foot building for self-storage and retail, with associated parking and landscape areas. 

The building incorporates a 6-foot step in the building finished floor to accommodate the 16-foot vertical drop in elevation across the site. Art display pads were placed along the site to showcase local artists’ work. The adjacent roadways of Holland Street and West Village Parkway were widened and provided with detached sidewalk and curb ramps. Two rain gardens were designed onsite to provide water quality prior to being conveyed to the adjacent underground detention facility.

This site, in addition to engagement from other design teams, required working with the City of Lakewood to meet their stringent municipality requirements, while still fulfilling the needs of the client.  Manhard Consulting delivered an engineering solution that satisfied all constraints.