Manhard Consulting worked with the Carson City School District to address several of the District’s concerns at Carson City High School. Prior to construction of the project, Carson High School was in need of a single point of entry to the school, additional parking and courtyard modifications to alleviate traffic and safety problems on and off campus. 

The scope of services for the project included conceptual planning, production of site improvement plans, and construction management. Services also provided for this project included bid package services, grading and drainage design, topographic survey and preparation of a detailed base map of the area between the technology center and the main building, the area to the south of the main building, the “dip” areas along the proposed delivery route, and the areas to the east and west of the drop off area for the proposed additional parking. Other improvements include fencing, gates and conduit work for the mechanics of the gate.

Conceptual site plans were drafted utilizing the base map and conversations between Manhard and the School District. The base map and client approved site plan where then used to prepare a site, grading and utility plan showing the improvements to the entry way, proposed parking lot and replacing the exiting “dip” areas with elongated speed bumps.

Manhard provided construction administration for the necessary onsite improvements. This included attendance at meetings, assistance on changes during construction due to existing field conditions and the preparation of Record Drawings upon completion. Manhard coordinated the permit process and worked closely with Carson City Staff.