The development of Heritage Todd Creek is a subdivision for single and multi-family homes constructed around an 18-hole golf course in the city of Thornton, Colorado. Approximately 1300 lots are planned for the property’s 670 acres, many of which have already been completely developed. The sheer size of the project, which includes several subsections with multiple ownership entities and metropolitan districts, produced (and continues to produce) special challenges. Coordination with the surrounding golf course also presents unique circumstances, like designing to connect with their master utilities.  Manhard’s development plans have achieved success in delivering lots to match continuous home sales in the large subdivision.

Manhard also designed the 2.0-mile regional trail system at the Heritage Todd Creek subdivision in Thornton. The project included the crossing of two branches of Todd Creek and the design of two arch-culvert crossings beneath Quebec Street, in order to provide regional trail connectivity for future neighborhoods. Multi-use trail height requirements were taken into consideration at the crossings, to ensure the safety of the trail users. Tiered elevations were employed for the trail design in order to keep the trail open during minor storm events. Manhard provided horizontal and vertical layout and grading, and erosion control for the trail.