The Veterans Administration originally awarded this contract to the team for the Gateway Project. Due to changes in the client’s priorities, funds shifted to Kansas Parking Lot redevelopment and other adjacent projects on the Hines VA Hospital campus.

The improvements at the campus include:

  • Redesign and expansion of 12 campus parking lots.
  • Roadway realignment to improve vehicular movement thru the campus and to improve pedestrian safety.
  • Designing an 8.8 acre-ft stormwater storage vault to augment the overburdened storm sewer system.
  • Sewer and roadway redesigns.

The project site is set in a dense urban area of the campus, requiring relocation or replacement of several hundred feet of sanitary and storm sewers through parking areas and around existing buildings.

Manhard prepared CAD-generated civil engineering drawings and specifications for on-site improvements as detailed below:

  • Geometric plan depicting the approved parking lot layout and various pavement materials used on the site.
  • Demolition plan showing the pavement and features to be removed as part of the parking lot improvements.
  • Stormwater basin grading including mass grading earthwork analysis to determine the volume of earth disturbed.
  • Design of an underground storage facility underneath the parking lot.
  • Erosion and sediment control plan
  • Utility plan of proposed storm & sanitary sewer extensions