Manhard Consulting was selected by this confidential electric vehicle maker and automotive technology company, to provide civil engineering and surveying services for the renovation of their test track in Normal, Illinois.

Speed and cost efficiency were the major drivers for this project. Working on an accelerated schedule, the Manhard team initially verified field conditions, existing permit drawings, and the unique features of the project including geometrics, track performance criteria, and vehicle speeds and weights prior to the site plan phase. Based on the information gathered and using the topographic survey as a base, the civil site plan has been completed and is currently in the permit approval process.

Final drawings include:

• Existing Conditions and Demolition Plan
• Overall Site Plan
• Paving and Dimensional Plan
• Grading Plan and Erosion Control Plan
• Test Track Cross Sections
• Grading Detail
• Utility and Drainage Plan

Manhard successfully delivered the project on time and within budget.