Manhard provided engineering services on the exterior improvement and renovation project on behalf of Feeny Chrysler located in Elgin, IL.

Utilizing a vacant 3-acre property adjacent to the existing auto dealership Manhard created 1.6-acres of additional parking and improved access for customers and inventory.

As part of the design, a new 1.4-acre “Green” stormwater management facility will be constructed that will be graded and landscaped to act as a naturalized wetland basin. This design will treat the stormwater runoff and clean it before it is discharged downstream. The basin will have the capacity to detain the 100 year storm, reduce peak flows and store 0.41 million gallons of stormwater runoff. Additional landscaping is being provided adjacent to a residential area to create a natural buffer.
Permitting for this project were obtained by Manhard, which included the City of Elgin, the Illinois E.P.A and the Illinois D.O.T.