Manhard Consulting, Ltd. provided preliminary and final design services, surveying services, and stormwater management for this 155-acre multi-phase development. In addition, Manhard provided design and construction assistance services to minimize the impact of the increased traffic flow that this development would generate, including widening the adjacent State Route 60 to include dual left-turn lanes and signalization into the development. The Manhard site plan developed for this corporate campus specified the maximum building height and included a natural screen to shield structures from surrounding residential areas.

A major objective of this project was balancing site development with the natural theme and appeal of the landscape and the surrounding residential areas. The existing site included forest preserves, water features, a wetland, and a 1.5-mile nature trail, which created a worker-friendly atmosphere. To help preserve the natural ambience of the site and the surrounding residential areas, Manhard used underground facilities whenever possible. A 600,000- gallon underground reservoir and a pumping station, including two 1,500-gpm pumps and two 100- gpm pumps with a chlorination system, supply potable water and fire protection for the campus. This eliminated the need for an on-site water tower that would not have fit in with the surrounding large lot residential area. In addition, two large stormwater detention ponds connected via an underground pipeline and fed by a natural creek were designed to meet provide on-site stormwater management and mesh with site’s natural ambience and appeal.