The Village of Volo contracted Manhard Consulting to complete the project management and engineering services for the conversion of the Village’s water supply from municipal wells to Lake Michigan Water. Initial work included revising the Village’s Master Plan to include the internal water system improvements needed to receive the delivered Lake Michigan Water being supplied by the Central Lake County Joint Action Water Agency (CLCJAWA) and the improvements to deliver the water to the Village’s distribution system. The scope of services included the preliminary and final engineering design and construction engineering for the site and facility improvements.

Improvements included a skid-mounted water booster pump station consisting of three (3) nine-hundred (900) GPM pumps including the necessary mechanical piping, valves, fittings, supports, control valves, pumps, motors, controls and other necessary appurtenances as shown in the prepared engineering improvement plans and specified in the technical specifications prepared by the design team managed by Manhard Consulting. The work was closely coordinated with CLCJAWA to make the connection of the Village’s improvements to a delivery structure constructed by the water supply agency.

The project was completed successfully delivering Lake Michigan water to the Village’s users after many years of planning for a reliable and sustainable water supply for the Village.