The Pine Street Townhomes is a 49 unit Tentative Map located in downtown Reno, within the Downtown Reno Regional Center Overlay zoning district, which represents the densest urban development in northern Nevada. The project area encompasses an entire city block over ten parcels with four two-way-street frontages which include sidewalks and on-street parking.

The design was challenged by one not-a-part parcel and a public alleyway that is re-configured for access to new units. The townhomes are all 3 stories and include individual decks and garages, most accommodating 2 vehicles. There are three private alleys providing access to the units so there are no garage entrances on the street frontages. Full street improvements are required for two of the street frontages and all street frontages will include 8’ wide sidewalks, two with parkway strips.

The project received unanimous approval from the Planning Commission. Work is ongoing for abandonment of the alleyway.