Polaris MDC is a 475,000 square foot distribution facility located on 37 acres in Fernley, Nevada. It is located within the Nevada Pacific Industrial Park. This facility will be Polaris’ main west coast distribution point for all their parts and accessories. The site was designed to accommodate a 250,000 square foot expansion in the near future. Careful thought was given to the placement of utilities and grading so that the expansion could be done at minimal cost.

This facility has 50 truck docks with an additional 50 spaces for trailer parking. 150 employee and visitor parking stalls were provided. The site has four access points. The two main truck entryways required that a commercial collector street (100’ right-of-way) be constructed.

The contractor moved over 120,000 cubic yards of dirt with over-excavation requirements under all structural sections due to poor soil conditions. Two large detention basins were required to detain the developed peak flows. Grading design used curb cuts and drainage swales to reduce the amount of storm drain structures. Landscape berms with five to one side slopes were provided for screening of the site as well as areas to place excess material.

Manhard was faced with the challenge of a short timeframe to produce construction documents. This was a Design/Build project, so keeping up with changes and coordination with other consultants was a hurdle to overcome. One access point on DNOT right-of-way which entailed additional plans and permits. However, even with those challenges, the project was designed and built in one year meeting the owner’s expectation. Additionally, overall project costs were below budget.