Manhard Consulting was retained by Habitat for Humanity to provide design and survey services for Robins Landing is a 127-acre mixed-use, mixed-income, master-planned community in the city limits of NE Houston.   At build out the project will have 468 Single Family Homes and 20 acres of mixed-use development with approximately 250 units of affordable senior housing and 250 units of affordable multi-family units. The development will include 12 acres of central park that preserves large groves of trees and trails. The development is between Mesa Drive to the West and CE King Parkway to the east. The main access for the project is on the Major Thoroughfare Tidwell Road that bisects the property.

Robins Landing is working with the City of Houston through the Developer Participation Contracts as well as other City of Houston Funding sources to provide affordable homes below the median purchase price determined by HUD.

The development of the tract requires the extension approximately 2,800 linear feet of offsite sanitary sewer to be extended within the Tidwell ROW.  Tidwell road is being improved to provide left turn lanes and a dedicated right turn lane onto the future Robins Landing Parkway. The central park maintains the natural condition (low impact development) and doubles as storm water conveyance during extreme rainfall events that drains the property south through box culverts under Tidwell road into the regional detention.

The proposed development requires approximately 120 acre-ft of detention. The neighbor to the south of Robins Landing is planning to excavate sand to sell from their property before converting the property into a regional detention pond that will ultimately be donated to Harris County Flood Control District. Manhard used its relationship with the landowner to negotiate an agreement that provided all the detention required for the development at a fraction of the market cost.