Located at the Carson City Airport, this project consisted of the construction of a new 19,250 S.F. hangar structure. The new building is divided into six separate hangar spaces that can be sold off as individual hangar condominiums.  Manhard Consulting’s structural design team provided engineering and architectural services for the project. These services included the architectural design of the building, structural design and detailing of the structure’s foundation and anchorage of the metal building to the foundation.  In addition, the team managed coordination with the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and metal building designers and provided structural observation and supplemental information during the construction of the structure’s foundation.

Because the project was being placed close to another existing hangar, the sites needed to be tied together. In order to tie the new structure’s site into the existing site, steps and grade breaks were required. The team used Revit software to model the pre-manufactured metal building and its foundation to accurately design and detail the steps and discontinuities within the foundation. The building’s foundation consisted of a series of pier footings with pedestals to resist the metal building reactions with a concrete stemwall around the exterior of the structure to protect against frost heave. The concrete slab on grade was designed to be independent of the rest of the foundation.