Manhard provided civil engineering design for this 400,000 SF mixed-use development which included major roadway design.

The public engineering involved a 700 ft. extension of a city thoroughfare to serve as a main entrance to the site, this included paving and drainage, water and sewer. Included with those Public ROW extension plans were also plans extending a significant over 3000 ft. of water and 4000 ft. of sewer main throughout the development to serve current and future pads.  Manhard designed the master detention and drainage for the first phase which includes 10 pad sites, in which 4 of those pad sites were ready for design.

Manhard also provided engineering for all 4 pad sites currently in construction. There were also four (4) State (TxDOT) controlled access points off the State highway (IH 35W)  in which the site fronted.  These four entrances required three (3) dedicated right turn/deceleration lanes that were designed and installed to serve this first phase of development.