Provided consulting services to UPS for their Chicago Area Consolidated Hub (CACH) facility in Hodgkins, Illinois.  Assisted UPS in planning and evaluating expansion and redevelopment options to meet their evolving logistics needs.  Manhard provided topographic surveys, master planning, design development, preliminary & final engineering, permitting, bid coordination and construction services in the expansion of tractor and trailer parking facilities within the facility.

The 240+ acre CACH facility was initially developed in the 1990’s and in need of modifications and expansion to meet UPS needs. The land locked site footprint did not allow for additional property acquisition so unique solutions had to be made. One expansion option developed involved paving over the existing open water basins, providing almost 50 acre-feet of underground storage vaults.  Another solution involved constructing a new parking facility on a bluff elevated 50 feet above the main facility.  In order to provide access to the elevated bluff, a serpentine internal road and new access improvements off Willow Springs Road were designed and constructed.  All improvement projects required evaluating and modifying the original stormwater management facilities to meet current MWRDGC ordinance requirements.  

Manhard’s expertise and capability to efficiently develop potential solutions and associated budgets provided UPS with the information needed to fully evaluate expansion options, costs and benefits resulting in innovative cost effective solutions to their evolving logistic need.