Manhard Consulting provided full civil and survey for this 162-unit multi-family development on 5.4-acres in Winfield, IL, located steps from Central DuPage Hospital. A few design features include a bike and pedestrian egress through site, a ramp down to the understory parking and a pool.

This site involved several challenges which turned into successes including a floodplain, wetlands, Union Pacific Railroad grading and coordination, geopiers to mitigate unsuitable soils, and a rather contentious entitlement process that centered around the floodplain and wetlands and finally a 22’ of grade drop across site from railroad to floodplain.

Due to the challenges on this site Manhard provided a few design innovations including naturalized stormwater areas as part of holistic plan to offset filled wetlands; concept planning including utilizing understory parking on low side of building adjacent to floodplain allowing greater unit counts and was able to avoid detention based on stormwater calculations proving no increased runoff.